Powderpuff Tournament

Michael Parsons, DVE Class


Winning Senior class

Rachel Mitchell, Student Reporter

Friday, April 5th, was the anticipated, awe-inspiring powderpuff tournament for the Bubba cup. The entire high school was abuzz with the spirit of competition, pep, and excitement for all of the cheers.



The first game of the night was between the freshman and the seniors. The seniors, the result being well expected, came away with their first win of the night. Feeling confident the seniors stalked off the field ready to watch the next game and figure out who they would next play.



The second game of the night was between the sophomore and the juniors. The juniors, headed by coaches Joey Gallagher, and Jake Spegal were feeling confident. Immediately the juniors were forced down a peg when Brooke Odell scored a touchdown in the first few minutes. However regardless of this the juniors stepped up their game and came away with a one point difference win.



The most anticipated and exciting part of powderpuff came next: The cheers. The junior cheerleading team was up first, choreographed by Logan Kinstle. The cheer in total was six minutes long and left the crowd roaring in applause. The junior guys had practiced for weeks and the result was a funny, well done cheer.



The next cheer was by the seniors. The crowd was eager to see how this cheer played out as everybody knew: The seniors had come up with this 2 hours before. However the seniors pulled through with a crowd-pleaser and some epic moves. Overall the cheers were top-notch and really set the bar high for the next years to come.



Proceeding the cheers was the championship game. The seniors versus the juniors. With the crowd and the school rooting for the seniors the game began. The juniors, were tired and ready to be done but they played their hardest. However their hardest was not enough. The seniors came away with a win and also the Bubba cup! Powderpuff 2019 was a roaring success!

Senior Champions
Juniors and Seniors at the end of the game