Avengers End Game


Gabe Baugess

Avengers End Game is the biggest cinematic movie of the year. The movie is an epic conclusion to a 21 movie series. In the previous movie, Avengers Infinity War the mad titian Thanos took all of the Infinity Stones to wipe out half the population throughout the whole universe. I asked a couple students what they thought about the movie. So I asked Gidgyt Hartman what she thought about End Game and this was her response, “It was an amazing movie. I loved the impact that everything had and how all the movies tied together. I liked how everyone came back in the end and it was a good vs. evil fight. Overall its a must see and if you haven’t seen it go watch the other Avengers movies. I think the Ruso brothers did a great job since they joined Marvel late and I am excited to see what they make in the future.” Next I asked Rachel Mitchell and she said, ” I thought it was wonderfully executed and a very good closing to a very good series. It was such a tear jerker cause you get attached to these characters after so many movies. When you leave the theater you realize its done.” I also asked Morgan Iverson and she replied with, ” I thought it was kind of genius and it brought everything full circle and satisfied fans and gave them what they desired.”

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