High School Recess


Video created by Atticus Fouts and David Claffey

Gidgyt Hartman, Student Reporter

High School Recess was a super fun event planned by Student Council on Friday May 10th. It took place from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.. The students were broken off into teams with one or two leaders who were either a Junior or Senior in Student Council or National Honor Society. The teams were also given a specific color to wear so that they could differentiate between other teams.

There were 16 stations that each team had to do. Gross Food was a station held at the picnic tables that involved 10 items of food being rated on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the easiest and 10 being the grossest.










The Blindfold Obstacle Course was held on the football field, and the objective was to have one person on your team be blindfolded and the teammates had to guide them through the obstacles with their voice all the way to the trash can at the end.










Balcony Volleyball Pong was held in the Worship Center Lobby, and the teams were supposed to toss a volleyball from the balcony and try to make it into one of the 10 trashcans. The objective was to get 5 in the allotted time and when they were done, the team had to chug a 2 liter together.

















Dodgeball was held in the gym along with Floor Hockey. In order to get points, the teams had to win each game.










Guess that Disney Song was held in Mrs. Scarberry’s room. There were 10 Disney songs played and the teams would earn 1 point for the song title and a half point for the name of the movie.










Switch places was held in Mrs. Carpenter’s room. There were 3 wooden pallets that members of the team had to stand on and the objective is for each person to have stood on all 3 pallets, and points would be taken if a student touched the ground without being in the “circle” of a hula hoop.
















The Human Knot was held in Mr. Goodwin’s room and each teammate had to grab the hand of 2 different people, and the objective is for the team to find a way to get back into a circle formation without breaking hands.










Balasian Twister was held in Mrs. Duteil’s room. The whole team gets in a circle holding hands and the objective is to touch the person next to you’s foot and it gets harder as people get further away, and you can’t fall down or else you lose points.










The Escape Room was held in Mrs. Snyder’s room. There were clues hidden inside the room and the objective was for each team to find all of the clues as fast as the can in the time allotted.


There was a station with a Marine and two members of the National Guard. The National Guard brought tricycles and the teams split into halves. The objective was for one person on both sides to race down to the end on a tricycles, do 10 jumping jacks, and then race back and the next person would go.










Corn hole was held on the blacktop by the football field and the objective was to get as many bags in the hole as you can before time runs out.









Pop Culture Jeopardy was held in the Nazcade and there were 3 sections with 5 levels the teams had to play from. The objective was to get as many questions right as you can with 10 seconds per question.










The station of oreos was held in Mr. Heintzelman’s room. Each team member had to put an oreo on their forehead and once the time started, their objective was to get the oreo into their mouth without using their hands as fast as they can.










Red rover was held on the football field and this game requires two teams against each other. Both teams would line up across from each other and hold hands with their teammates. Each team would call someone from the other team over and the objective is to break through the arms of two people to bring someone over to your side. If you don’t break through, you stay on the other team’s side. And whoever has the most people on their side at the end wins.










There was also an Easter egg hunt held on the football field. Many eggs were thrown out on the field and 15 eggs held a piece of paper. The objective was for each team to find 5 pieces of paper in the allotted time.









When High School Recess ended two food trucks came for lunch: Pitabilities and Paddy Wagon. The students greatly enjoyed the food and for this being the first year of High School Recess, it was definitely a success!