You Got Talent?! Be the Talent?

Odette Espinosa, Reporter

Grove City Christian NHS hosted a talent show  after High School Recess. The talent show was open to all High School students and was held on May 10th after lunches had be bought and served. The talent show had 5 acts. Each of the acts were preformed in front of all the High School. After the acts were preformed, the student body had an opportunity to vote for the best performance! The voting went a little like this. To the side of the gym there was 5 buckets with the names of the corresponding performances. The students then brought up donations to place in each bucket. The bucket with the  money donations of most value wins the talent show. After the donations were collected, it was counted and the winner of the talent show was announced. The winners of the talent show for 3rd place was Alexia. For 2nd place was Caleb, Logan and Will and lastly for 1st place was Timothy, Carter, Atticus, Ian, Griffin, Zach, and Davey. The other performances included Tara Johnson. The talent show was able to raise $318 to help Mr. Crockett. 


Alexia performing her song in the Talent Show

Mr. Ipock, Talent Show MC

Tara  singing a solo
Caleb singing in the Talent Show
The crowd gets involved while Caleb sings
WLC singing in the Talent Show (Will, Logan and Caleb)
The winning performers, the Juniors
The Juniors performing
Students voting with their money
Mrs. McKay announcing the winners