A Teary Goodbye

DVE Class


Rachel Mitchell, Reporter

A teary goodbye. Wednesday, May 15th. The seniors donned their cap and gowns and assembled in the cafe. They lined up alphabetically and Mrs. Jeffries took her place at the front of the line.

An announcement called all of the students out of their classrooms and they filled the perimeter of the hallways. This was it, the eagerly awaited final resolution to 4 years of hard work. Starting from the Naz commons the seniors walked all the way to the high school hallway. Here they were met with applause and cheers.

As the seniors filed past it was easy to see the tears shed. Taylor Oda, Morgan Rainey and Joanna Anderick were crying physically, but a heavy atmosphere encompassed the entire 2019 graduating class. This was it, their final walk through of the GCCS hallways, where some of them have spent 12 years. Most of all though, they are leaving their wonderful legacy behind and this is not the end of them, but only the beginning. From our class to yours seniors, Goodbye, Salut and Bon voyage!